Selling to Farm Businesses is an intensive three-day course designed for professional salespeople who work with farm businesses and/or businesses that sell to farmers. Participants who take this course will learn

  1. How farm businesses make purchasing decisions and how this can be used in developing effective sales strategies

  2. What constitutes effective communications and how sales people can improve their presenting and listening skills

  3. How to read nonverbal communications and use this in interacting with customers

  4. The different type of customers in the market and how sales approaches should change for each type

  5. Various approaches to prospecting for new customers and how to establish priority for these prospects

  6. How to develop a sales strategy for each customer and a call plan for each sales call

  7. Methods that can be used to open a sales call

  8. Methods sales people can use to discover the broad range of needs a buyer is attempting to meet

  9. How to effectively present the features, advantages and benefits of products and services to address specific buyer needs

  10. Approaches to deal with buyer concerns

  11. Successful approaches to close sales

  12. How to deal with complaints

  13. Strategies to provide effective after-sale service

  14. Strategies to increase the amount of business done with current customers

Participants learn concepts relating to the fundamentals of selling, and then using multi-media case studies, they learn to apply these concepts to current agricultural selling situations. In addition, after completing this course, participants may participate in a follow-up course (Creating Customer Specific Value) which focuses on the  application  of concepts to a selling situation relating to their own work environment. 


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for new salespeople, salespeople who have not been formerly trained in the fundamentals of selling, and experienced salespeople looking to refresh their skills.

Please contact Justin Funk at or by phone at 519-827-5507 to discuss how this program may fit with your training objectives.

Selling to Farm Businesses - Level 1

Creating Value Through Communications and Consultative Selling