Strategic Agri Marketing (SAM) is an intensive graduate-level course designed for managers responsible for developing and/or implementing marketing strategies for their agricultural businesses.  Participants who take this course will learn advanced concepts focused on different elements of the strategic marketing mix including:

  1. Strategic ways to segment the market using both traditional and advanced research-based segmentation approaches

  2. Effective targeting and positioning strategies that provide real focus to a marketing strategy

  3. Understanding brands and brand management strategies including the development of brand promises and brand elements

  4. Strategies for effectively and profitability managing products and product lines through the lifecycle

  5. How to measure and use price elasticity in developing effective and profitable pricing strategies

  6. How and when to use cost-oriented pricing, demand-oriented pricing and competitive pricing

  7. How to design and manage distribution systems (marketing channels) that are cost effective and meet the needs of targeted customers

  8. Effective procedures for dealing with management issues in distribution systems such as compensating and motivating channel members, measuring performance, and dealing with channel conflict

  9. Exploring important components of an integrated communication program and how they should be blended to achieve reach and frequency goals

  10. Techniques to model marketing decision situations that will enable managers to estimate the likely outcome of various strategies before implementation

Participants learn concepts related to marketing strategy, and then using case studies apply these concepts to current agricultural marketing situations. This approach has been proven to increase the ability of participants to make real-life decisions pertaining to their own businesses. Although there is no educational requirement to take this course, it is taught at the same level as most MBA marketing courses.

Program Faculty

Justin Funk is the managing partner of Agri Studies and has taught agricultural sales and marketing to industry professionals for over 20 years.  He currently has taught Marketing Strategy in the University of Guelph’s MBA in Agriculture program, and currently holds a faculty position at Purdue University teaching Executive Development programs at the Center for Food & Agricultural Business.


Strategic Agri Marketing

March 10 - 12, 2020

Guelph, Ontario

Cancellation Policy:  Participants may cancel with full refund any time up until 10 days prior to the scheduled date of the course.  In the event of cancelation, a substitute from the same organization may be enrolled in the course in the original participant’s place at any time.  Cancellation without substitution within 10 days of any scheduled course will result in a 1/2 forfeiture of course fee.  This cancellation fee will be held as a credit towards any future enrollment in any Agri Studies course.

Agri Studies reserves the right to cancel or delay any scheduled course up until the course start date due to low enrollment, instructor availability or other unforeseen circumstances.  In the event of cancellation, registered participants will receive a full refund of course fee.

Strategic Agri-Marketing is the second course in the CAMA Certificate in Agri-Marketing program.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates and Locations

Contact Justin Funk at or by phone at 519-827-5507 for more information and to discuss team/group rates