Selling To Farm Businesses - Level 2

Creating Customer-Specific Value

Selling to Farm Businesses 2 - CCSV is an eLearning course which focuses on the application of concepts and skills developed in Selling to Farm Businesses Level 1.  Over a period of 8 - 10 weeks, participants develop a customer-specific selling strategy designed to create ultimate value for a highly targeted prospect in their market territory.  The result is the acquisition of a long-term valuable customer through the development of a selling strategy, presentment of a value proposal, and the commitment to do business.  Throughout this process, participants will work on the following components of a sales strategy:

  1. Evaluation and selection of a highly qualified, attractive process using qualitative and quantitative approaches

  2. Development of a prospect profile and sales call planning sheet

  3. Gathering of customer-specific information related to the prospect and their farming business

  4. Evaluation of the prospect’s buying centre, personality type, purchase history, and current supplier relationship

  5. Selling of sales call objectives

  6. Development of a strategy to uncover specific business and personal needs

  7. Development of a value proposal and communication strategy designed to satisfy business and personal needs

  8. Anticipation and planning for prospect objections and concerns

  9. Development of strategies to obtain commitment on sales call objectives and the specific value proposal

  10. Setting of short and long-term follow-through action items

Throughout this process, participants review material from Selling to Farm Businesses, work independently and with their sales managers to develop different components of their selling strategy, and receive extensive feedback and evaluation from their coach as they work through, modify, and report on their progress in the course.  After each element of strategy development, participants meet face-to-face with their targeted prospect to implement that element of their strategy upon which they share their experiences online in discussion forums designed to facilitate peer-to-peer coaching.


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for salespeople (new or experienced) who have attended Selling to Farm Businesses, or have had adequate experience with other high-level sales training programs.

Please contact Justin Funk at or by phone at 519-827-5507 to discuss how this program may fit with your organization’s training objectives.