Our mission is to help agribusiness organizations and professionals achieve their ultimate potential through the development of knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking.

Agri Studies’ private sales training programs are designed and offered to dedicated groups from within the same organization.  These programs are tailored to suit the specific needs and unique sales situations of each group and can be offered at preferred dates and locations based on clients’ preferences.  Agri Studies will consult with the client to ensure the desired program can and will be designed to meet specific learning and development objectives.

Selling to Farm Businesses

Creating Customer Specific Value

Territory Sales Planning

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Contact Justin Funk at jrfunk@agristudies.com to learn more about how these programs may fit with your businesses’ learning and development goals and objectives.

Sales Training Courses For Agriculture Sales Teams

Marketing Seminars for Agribusiness Professionals

Agri Studies’ marketing seminars are open-enrollment programs are offered a set locations and dates throughout the year and are open to anyone within the agribusiness industry.  A typical course will have a number of people representing different companies and/or industry sectors.  This diversity adds to the learning experience as participants work in groups to share their perspectives and work together to solve marketing problems presented in agribusiness-specific case studies.

Marketing to Farm Businesses

Strategic Agri Marketing

Agri Marketing Application

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Contact Justin Funk at jrfunk@agristudies.com to receive updates upcoming dates and locations for the Agribusiness Marketing Management programs

Agri Studies recognizes that the way people learn is changing.   But we also recognize the continued importance of developing people so they are in the best position to create value for their customers. 

We are dedicated to offering agribusiness professionals online solutions to learning and development.  Our roots run deep in online education and our years of experience will allow us to continue helping develop sales and marketing teams in the absence of face-to-face classroom learning. 

Online Learning Programs

If you would like to discuss virtual delivery of our courses, please contact us to more information and to learn how online courses might fit with your team’s professional development objectives.