Our mission is to help agribusiness organizations and professionals achieve their ultimate potential through the development of knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking.

Agri Studies is pleased to present the first ever “Producer Perspectives on Agricultural Salespeople” research project.  The in-depth study takes a look at how commercial producers and retailers view the role of the agricultural salesperson in today’s changing industry.  More information on this project is available by clicking here.

Marketing Research

Does your company have an important need for market information to help with your strategic planning initiatives? Contact us to discuss your objectives and the different options available for qualitative and quantitative marketing research.

Dedicated Marketing Research and Customer Insights

Upcoming Marketing Seminars

The Agri Studies marketing seminars form the CAMA Certificate in Agri-Marketing program.  Click here for more information

2016 Multi-Generational Farm Study

Agri Studies has partnered with Purdue University to conduct the 2016 North American Multi-Generational Farm Study.  Canadian agribusiness organizations can learn a lot about this important, and growing market segment.  Contact jrfunk@agristudies.com for more information on how you can access this information for your organization.