Agri Marketing Application (AMA) is the newest course in the Agribusiness Marketing Management program. It has been designed for agribusiness professionals who have already completed Marketing to Farm Businesses (or the equivalent) and Strategic Agri Marketing. It is the third and final course in CAMA’s Certificate in Agri Marketing.

This innovative new course focuses on the development of a marketing plan. Using concepts learned in Marketing to Farm Businesses and Strategic Agri Marketing, participants develop a complete marketing plan over five modules under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor who provides extensive feedback and evaluation.

Marketing Plan Framework

Agri Studies has developed an agriculture-specific marketing planning template that leads participants through the planning process and allows them to build a comprehensive marketing plan for their own business or a part of their own business. In early stages of the course, participants develop situation analysis including an in-depth analysis of their market, the competition and a SWOT. As the course progresses, marketing objectives are established and a marketing mix developed consisting of a target, product, price, distribution and promotion strategy. As a final stage in the process, participants work with a financial model that allows them to test different strategies, assumptions and scenarios to determine optimal profitability of their plan.

Method of Delivery

Agri Marketing Application is a virtual learning, independent study experience. The task of developing a marketing plan is divided into modules and completed over a period of time based on each participant’s own timeline. Each module involves the viewing of a video covering the planning tasks for that particular module. They then begin work on their own plan that is submitted to an instructor for feedback and evaluation. There is a high degree of interaction between participants and instructors. Participants can work on course material at times and locations convenient to them.


Agri Marketing Application

AMA is an independent study program and is offered on an on-demand basis.  Students who are eligible to participate in this program should contact Justin Funk at to discuss when is the best time to participate.

Registration Fee:        $1,995 plus HST

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For more information contact Justin Funk at or by phone at 519-827-5507

Completing Agri Marketing Application will earn a successful candidate their Certificate in Agri Marketing from the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association.